Leading German Journalist admits CIA routinely ‘Bribed’ him; Germany is a colony of the USA

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Udo Ulfkotte a former Editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest and most influential newspapers. He has now become a whistleblower and gone public about his own long-term activities as a CIA asset, and how all major and respected German media, like the media in other Western countries, is controlled by the CIA and unnamed U.S. based billionaires, and big transatlantic organizations.

He states that Germany is little more than a U.S. controlled Banana Republic (as we have long known and previously stated in our posts) which he concludes the U.S. aristocracy that controls the CIA wants to bring about, or else to bring closer to the brink. Ulfkotte now believes that this broad and pervasive corruption is bringing Europe close to a new major war with Russia.

In this RT Interview which was uploaded to YouTube on Sept 29, 2014 Ulfkotte told Russian Television:

“I’ve been…

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Pagan Light I Germania by Cornelius Tacitus

I would like to announce the beginning of a new series of posts entitled Pagan Light. I will be providing excerpts from various Pagan and Indo-European Traditional literature, as well as other thought-provoking works. Personal notes will be in brackets.

I begin with the ethnographic Germania, but first some music to set the mood

The various peoples of Germany are separated from the Gauls by the Rhine, from the Raetians band tPannonians by the Danube, and from the Sarmatians and Dacians by mountains-, or, where there are no mountains, by mutual fear. The northern parts of the country are girdled by the sea, flowing round broad peninsulas and vast islands where a campaign of the present century has revealed to us the existence of some nations and kings hitherto unknown, The Rhine rises in a remote and precipitous height of the Raetian Alps and afterwards turns slightly westward flow into the North Sea. The Danube issues from a gentle slope of moderate height in the Black Forest, and after passing more peoples than the Rhine in its course discharges itself into the Black Sea through six channels–a seventh mouth being lost in the marshlands.

In the traditional songs which form their only record of the past the Germans celebrate an earth-born god called Tuisto. His son Mannus is supposed to be the fountain-head of their race and himself to have begotten three sons who gave their names to the three groups of tribes–the Ingaevones, nearest the sea; the Herminones, in the interior; and the Istaevones, who comprise all the rest. Some authorities, with the freedom of conjecture permitted by remote antiquity, assert that Tuisto had more numerous descendants and mention more tribal groups such as Marsi, Gambrivii, Suebi, and Vandilii–names which they affirm to be both genuine and ancient.

For myself, I accept the view that the peoples of Germany have never contaminated themselves by intermarriage with foreigners but remain of pure blood, distinct and unlike any other nation. One result of this is that their physical characteristics, in so far as one can generalize about such a large population, are always the same: fierce-looking blue eyes, reddish hair, and big frames–which, however, can exert their strength only by means of violent effort. They are less able to endure toil or fatiguing tasks and cannot bear thirst or heat, though their climate has inured them to cold spells and the poverty of their soil to hunger.

Above all other gods they worship Mercury (Wotan/Odinn/WodanaR), and count it no sin, on certain feast-days, to include human victims in the sacrifices offered to him. Hercules and Mars (Tiw and Thorr) they appease by offerings of animals, in accordance with ordinary civilized custom. Some of the Suebi sacrifice also to Isis. I do not know the origin or explanation of this foreign cult, but the goddess’s emblem, being made in the form of a light warship, itself proves that her worship came in from abroad. The Germans do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine Gods within walls or to portray them in te likeness of any uman countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves, and they apply the names of deities to that hidden presence which is seen only by the eye of reverence

Source Material: The Agricola and The Germania translated by Harold Mattingly (revised by S.A. Hanford). Published by Penguin Classics

HailaR WodanaR!

About European Morals

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One thing that is rather odd, is that Christians seems to think that they have some sort of monopoly on morals and good behaviour, that the Europeans before the Christianisation were just a bunch of amoral lunatics, raping, killing, pillaging, drinking and having no moral attitudes or self discipline whatsoever. They are often Christians because they are good and moral themselves (they are Europeans in blood after all), and wrongly believe that they need to take the consequence of that and therefore become or remain Christians. They know no other good and moral alternative.

images (17)

Many modern so-called Pagans seems to think the same, and mistake Heathendom with Hedonism, and use their cartoonish mock-Paganism as an excuse to be amoral and live what the Christians would call ‘a life in sin’ – and what a real Pagan would call ‘a life without Honour’.

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Natural Beauty

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From the minute we get out of bed in the morning, to the time we climb back under the sheets at night, we are exposed to countless thousands of synthetic chemicals, many with known harmful consequences to our biology.

We go into the bathroom, we brush our teeth.  We rinse our mouths with mouthwash.  We shampoo and condition our hair.  We wash our faces and bodies.  We moisturize our skin.  We have been awake for scarcely half an hour and we have already slathered ourselves with sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, etc.

The society in which we live teaches us to go to the pharmacy, buy all these products, and use them daily so that we feel clean and *smell nice*.  But what if you discovered that none of them were necessary, and that you could achieve the same or better results by using products that you already have in your…

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My return…FINALLY!!

It is true that I have been absent and have not posted anything of even remote value for some time. My day job had taken much of my free time. Due to unforeseen events that regarded some of the…lesser…life forms at work, I have some availability at last! Personally, I’ll be alright in terms of my living situation and my finances, I will soon (date unspecified) return to work and be able to properly provide for my household.

I had planned video readouts of Othalist literature, but I may scrap that idea in favor of simply excerpting in writing. I won’t lie, this blog and it’s overall goals of providing a viable alternative to modernity will take some time and is a constantly evolving project.

In the time that I have been absent, I have taken some time to reflect upon my character. I have monitored my thoughts, my lifestyle, creativity,and overall development. While I certainly have no plans to talk about “X Factor” or whatever junk is on the cable TV (I have just short of stopped watching TV), I do feel I need to improve in some areas, like physical fitness and proper diet, and resistance to the flood of modern poisoning (degenerate music, poor clothing, etc.).

For the time being I leave you with a sort of ‘jukebox’ of healthy music and culture to keep the spirit of Pagan Europe alive. HailaR WodanaR!

Egyptian Mythology

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BulgarianSerbian. Spanish.

We all know that Egypt is located in Africa, but DNA research tells us that at least the first Egyptian dynasties were ruled by Europeans. We assume that the last dynasty had a black pharao, and we know that in the few dynasties before that the royalty struggled to find royal mates. They even preferred to import princes and princesses from enemy kingdoms, rather than marry one from their own population. In fact, they even preferred to marry their own siblings, rather than marry anyone from the ordinary Egyptian population. We also know that finally, when they ran out of ‘good marriage material’ the Egyptian kingdom fell (during the black dynasty).

Egyptian Queen Nerfertiti


The Egypt we know today is of course different from Ancient Egypt. First the Africans (blacks) took over, then the Greeks conquerred the falling Ancient Egypt (and as…

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Some Facts about Varg Vikernes & his Case

Joshua Lehr:

HailaR Furasitan!

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These facts about Vikernes and his case are published here to counter the lies of the many media institutions.

-Born in Bergen 1973 as Kristian Vikernes. Is not baptized.

-Changed name officially to Varg Vikernes in March 1993.

-Has never had either of the middle names Larsson, Larssøn, Kvisling or Quisling as claimed by many media institutions.

-Is not a “self-declared Neo-Nazi” as claimed by many media institutions. Vikernes is an Óðalist

-Stopped playing so-called ‘black metal’ in early 1993. Has recorded three bardic metal albums since then, but is no longer even a metal musician. Vikernes plays electronic music

-Convicted in 1994 for first degree murder, but claims himself that he killed in self defence (in August 1993), and explained himself in complete accordance with all technical evidence. Aarseth was killed because he panicked and attacked Vikernes when Vikernes approached him to tell him to stay away…

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