An apology and the future

For those who tried to access my blog in the past few days, I apologize for my sudden disappearance. I had decided to temporarily shelve it until I could decide on where I would like to take this site. 

I have decided to provide excerpts from Pagan/Classical/Traditionalist literature to spread positive information about European culture. 

More to follow.

HailaR WodanaR!

Another Jude is dead…GOOD RIDDANCE!

From RT 

“The iconic but controversial former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has died after his medical condition significantly deteriorated, local media report.

The 85-year-old politician died in Tel Aviv’s Tel Hashomer hospital, also known as the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, where he has been in a coma since January 2006 after suffering a stroke and brain hemorrhage.”

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Oh, look! Another Jew died…I guess that’s one less recipient of US taxpayer money being wasted on Pissrael…

10 Reasons to Stop Using Internet Porn

Originally posted on EXPEL THE PARASITE!:

Thinking about ‘wacking one off’ to the internet’s vast quantity of Jew-porn? Think again……


I know, we’ve all been there, done that (males). We were all teenagers once upon a time, but really, is wacking it to porn a decent healthy thing to do:

From Bold & Determined:

By Victor Pride

We could be PC and pretend masturbating and internet porn don’t exist, but they do. And there is a very big problem with internet porn. Internet porn is a succubus whore from Hell intent on draining you of your vital seed, your testosterone, your energy, and your desire to succeed and conquer.

Or, to put it mildly, masturbating to internet porn does not do a body good. Internet porn is like a drug addiciton. The access to endless variety of porn causes your to constantly search for the “perfect” scene. This leads to massive overstimulation of the brain, the overstimulation causes a…

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Hollywood and Animal Abuse

First I would like to apologize for my sporadic activity. I do work a full-time job (I know, wage slavery…) and am trying to gain the means to move to a better locale. My wife showed me an article (from a mainstream entertainment magazine…), about the treatment of animals in movies and the complicity of the entertainment (read distraction) industry.

Belus’ Tilbakekomst

First, some appropriate music.

It would seem that for the time being our good friend Varg Vikernes has gone back to the shadows to work on his main projects and take care of his family. You know what? He deserves the rest from his blog and has most certainly earned it. Now is the time for us to come back from the realm of (our spiritual) death and do our best to live a healthy Pagan lifestyle! We know the identity of our enemies, and we know many of their tactics. Counter them in any LEGAL way possible. The best way to begin is to acquaint yourself with the ways of our ancestors. Study the work of Stoic philosophers, or the Edda. Read historical manuscripts like Germania by Tacitus or Moralia by Plutarch. Then you should build strength and endurance naturally (ie. manual labor, running/parkour, avoid synthetic bodybuilding mixes, etc.) so that you can be of further use to those around you.  Obtain firearms, if you are legally able to do so, to protect yourself in an emergency situation. I highly recommend taking a weapon safety course and log regular hours at a range. You know the drill!


I’m undoubtedly preaching to the choir at this point, but I suppose if there is one more messenger speaking truth and spreading positive propaganda, then there is one less Untermensch in the world. The subhumans can fall to their own ruin for all I care. Christians, Juden, Muslims, Marxists, Satanists, etc. …Good riddance to you, and may you burn with your “civilisation” and “progress”.


Any contribution to weakening the powers that be are most certainly welcome. I, for example, have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle because our animals are injected with all these hormones, antibiotics, and numerous other chemicals that are clearly unsafe for human consumption. By boycotting meat (until I can be 100% certain of origin and safety) I do not allow myself to contribute to inhumane practices.


Do whatever it takes to live a life of honor, raise children, and protect our European culture! This is our time to bring back the light to the world! End the Jewish darkness and banish it to the desert where it belongs!


HailaR WodanaR! HailaR BalduR!







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This picture belongs to Varg Vikernes. C. 2012

This picture belongs to Varg Vikernes. C. 2012

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