Egyptian Mythology

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We all know that Egypt is located in Africa, but DNA research tells us that at least the first Egyptian dynasties were ruled by Europeans. We assume that the last dynasty had a black pharao, and we know that in the few dynasties before that the royalty struggled to find royal mates. They even preferred to import princes and princesses from enemy kingdoms, rather than marry one from their own population. In fact, they even preferred to marry their own siblings, rather than marry anyone from the ordinary Egyptian population. We also know that finally, when they ran out of ‘good marriage material’ the Egyptian kingdom fell (during the black dynasty).

Egyptian Queen Nerfertiti


The Egypt we know today is of course different from Ancient Egypt. First the Africans (blacks) took over, then the Greeks conquerred the falling Ancient Egypt (and as…

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Some Facts about Varg Vikernes & his Case

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These facts about Vikernes and his case are published here to counter the lies of the many media institutions.

-Born in Bergen 1973 as Kristian Vikernes. Is not baptized.

-Changed name officially to Varg Vikernes in March 1993.

-Has never had either of the middle names Larsson, Larssøn, Kvisling or Quisling as claimed by many media institutions.

-Is not a “self-declared Neo-Nazi” as claimed by many media institutions. Vikernes is an Óðalist

-Stopped playing so-called ‘black metal’ in early 1993. Has recorded three bardic metal albums since then, but is no longer even a metal musician. Vikernes plays electronic music

-Convicted in 1994 for first degree murder, but claims himself that he killed in self defence (in August 1993), and explained himself in complete accordance with all technical evidence. Aarseth was killed because he panicked and attacked Vikernes when Vikernes approached him to tell him to stay away…

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First some music… 

As explained here and here, our forebears believed in reincarnation and the eternal existence of the honourable man. There was no “punishment” for the bad, and no “reward” for the good, other than rebirth – here on Earth, in the kin – for the honourable.

What they believed was that when you died your body went to Hel (“hidden”), i. e. the burial mound/grave. This was a cold, dark and damp place, but it was really just a name for the grave. Our dead bodies return to earth, as simple as that. Your mind (called “soul” by the Judeo-Christians) was sent to heaven to be purified by the fire of the Sun. Again, like with Hel, there was no ‘punishment’ or ‘suffering’ involved. You just had to remove the bad parts with cleansing fire, to make sure they did not return when you were reborn…

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Der Process

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Last year individuals in the government of France, without permission from a judge, had their police shoot up our front door in the early morning (rather than just knock on the door). They did not identify themselves as policemen until after they have breached the door and entered, but thankfully I could see through the glass that they were indeed policemen. (We can only speculate on why they did it that way.) They arrested my pregnant wife and me, and left our scared children – age 2, 3 and 5 at the time – to the care of my boomer parents-in-law, who (according to the children) instead of comforting them hit the oldest one and told them all that they would not see us again.

The police arrested us without having any evidence against us, and without a judge’s permission to do so…

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An apology and the future

For those who tried to access my blog in the past few days, I apologize for my sudden disappearance. I had decided to temporarily shelve it until I could decide on where I would like to take this site. 

I have decided to provide excerpts from Pagan/Classical/Traditionalist literature to spread positive information about European culture. 

More to follow.

HailaR WodanaR!

Another Jude is dead…GOOD RIDDANCE!

From RT 

“The iconic but controversial former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has died after his medical condition significantly deteriorated, local media report.

The 85-year-old politician died in Tel Aviv’s Tel Hashomer hospital, also known as the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, where he has been in a coma since January 2006 after suffering a stroke and brain hemorrhage.”

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Oh, look! Another Jew died…I guess that’s one less recipient of US taxpayer money being wasted on Pissrael…

10 Reasons to Stop Using Internet Porn

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Thinking about ‘wacking one off’ to the internet’s vast quantity of Jew-porn? Think again……


I know, we’ve all been there, done that (males). We were all teenagers once upon a time, but really, is wacking it to porn a decent healthy thing to do:

From Bold & Determined:

By Victor Pride

We could be PC and pretend masturbating and internet porn don’t exist, but they do. And there is a very big problem with internet porn. Internet porn is a succubus whore from Hell intent on draining you of your vital seed, your testosterone, your energy, and your desire to succeed and conquer.

Or, to put it mildly, masturbating to internet porn does not do a body good. Internet porn is like a drug addiciton. The access to endless variety of porn causes your to constantly search for the “perfect” scene. This leads to massive overstimulation of the brain, the overstimulation causes a…

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